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A Centaur Journey

Kepler Gardens, Ars Electronica

How can we better comprehend the challenges and possibilities of artificial intelligence in art? And how do human-technology hybrids transform artistic practice? This video tour scrutinizes such questions and suggests that the increasing usage of machine learning in artistic practice calls for a re-examination of the artistic relationship between human and non-human actors.

In this video journey, artist Cecilie Waagner Falkenstrøm will reflect upon her artistic practice, utilizing machine learning (RNN, NLP, Reinforcement Learning) to create the modern dance piece, Centaur.
Audiences will be able to follow the creation of the piece, listen to Cecilie and modern dance instructor Pontus Lidberg discuss their thoughts on how machine intelligence transforms artistic practice, and watch rehearsals where the AI persona takes the lead in instructing the dancers.

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