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Keynote: Earth Without Humans

20. June 2019. Gallery Kapelica, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Earth Without Humans: On the Boundaries of Artificial Life.
Symposium, June 20, 2019 / Observing and interacting inside nature with technology was the theme of artistic and scientific talks:

Cecilie Waagner Falkenstrøm: 'ARTificial Intelligence: From Frankenstein to Frank'
Špela Petrič: 'Is the Plant OK? [Yes, No]'
Martina Szopek: 'Bringing Swarm-Intelligence from Honeybees to Robot Swarms'
Maja Smrekar: 'What Can Artificial Intelligence Learn from Dogs?'
Thomas Schmickl: 'Repairing Broken Ecosystems with Robotic Surrogates'

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