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Centaur, A 360 Experience

An experimental dance film experience, using AI, VR and 360-degree filming.

The virtual reality (VR) installation is an extension of the artificial intelligence (AI) dance performance Centaur, adapted for VR headsets. It is a 360-degree experience that features passages from the first scene of the Centaur stage performance, inspired by the practice of centaur chess play. Using VR headsets, the audience is able to get close to both the dancers and the technology as it takes you on a journey with the possibility of choosing your own perspective on the dance.

Centaur is a new, innovative dance performance for Danish Dance Theatre that examines the consequences of using artificial intelligence. The title “Centaur”, inspired by the half-horse half-human creature from Greek mythology, is also the name of a computer-science concept that elevates human qualities by combining artificial and human intelligence.

The Centaur performance is developed by critically acclaimed artistic director and choreographer Pontus Lidberg in collaboration with AI-artist Cecilie Waagner-Falkenstrøm and Ryoji Ikeda, Japan’s leading electronic composer and audio-visual artist.

Throughout the performance the dancers encounter a unique ARTificial intelligence, programmed exclusively for the performance by artist Cecilie Waagner Falkenstrøm and her team of software developers and data scientists. The ARTificial intelligence is both co-creator and participant in the performance, as it utilises a range of machine learning technologies to give instructions and create the choreographic compositions.

You can read more about the full Centaur project @

Centaur VR project

Choreographer: Pontus Lidberg
Sound mix: Anders Bjørn Rørbæk Pedersen
CG Artist: Casper Arp Knudsen
Programming: Andreas Ryge
Project Management: Peter Fisher
Artificial Intelligence Installation: Cecilie Waagner Falkenstrøm
Audio and Visual Design: Ryoji Ikeda
Computer Programming for Visuals: Tomonaga Tokuyama
Light Design: Raphael Frisenvænge Solholm
Costume Design: Rachel Quarmby-Spadaccini
Dramaturge: Adrian Guo Silver
Original Music: Ryoji Ikeda
360 filming: KHORA (Steve Harwood & Christopher Schnoor)

AI Programming: Artificial Mind & DTU Compute

Dancers: Bradley Waller, Edward Pearce, Jessica Lyall, Joe George, Julien Guillemard, Kristin Bjerkestrand, Lua Mayenco Cardenal, Lucas Threefoot, Lukas Hartvig-Møller, Merete Hersvik, Stefanos Bizas

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