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New York Times: Dances With Robots, and Other Tales...

Artificial Intelligence and Dance

"Artificial intelligence and dance may seem like strange bedfellows, but artists and engineers are using technology to expand the possible."

"Some dance artists are thinking about A.I. beyond its utility as a technical tool and predictor of movement. Pontus Lidberg, the artistic director of the Danish Dance Theater, set out to use A.I. as a more integral part of his choreography, in rehearsal and performance. The goal: To create a dance that articulated the tension between man and machine, by putting the two together onstage.

In 2019, Mr. Lidberg began working with the computer artist Cecilie Waagner Falkenstrom. “We didn’t want to create something proving that an algorithm can find patterns,” she said. “That is boring. We wanted to create something that touches us as human beings.”"

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