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A bespoke ARTificial Intelligence artwork created to provoke reflections about sustainability, innovation and fashion, created in collaboration with GANNI for their Spring Summer 2024 show, “HELLO, WORLD”, at Copenhagen Fashion week.

As a form of interactive installation embedded within the SS24 show, GANNI AI takes the form of 5 locally sourced trees, standing 10m tall, center stage in the middle of the GANNI catwalk.

Having been trained on real-world conversations from the global GANNI GIRL community, as guests step into its presence, GANNI AI extends a warm welcome, introducing itself as the collective voice of the community, embodying their fears, aspirations, and flaws alike. Offering playful yet insightful advice, encouraging sustainable practices, and emphasizing the beauty of reconnecting with nature; through engaging in lively conversations, GANNI AI addresses the pressing climate emergency, sparking reflection amongst audiences on both the evolving entanglement between of fashion, technology and sustainability, as well as the role in which they play in it.

The trees featured in the fashion show were sourced from SITAS, a local tree nursery near Copenhagen. The trees, aged between 23 to 35 years, temporarily grace the runway, where after the show, they were returned for repotting, ensuring their continued growth and eventual integration into new ecosystems.


Cecilie Waagner Falkenstrøm

ARTificial Mind:
Cecilie Waagner Falkenstrøm, Artist
Cody Lukas, Assistant Artist
Asbjørn Olling, Software Engineer
Jens Hegner Strærmose, Software Engineer
Alexander Krog, Software Engineer


Interactive bespoke artificial intelligence technology utilizing Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Speech Synthesis (TTS) and Speech Recognition (STT). Headset, speakers and microphone.

Exhibited at:
HELLO, WORLD!, GANNI SS24 Show, Copenhagen Fashion Week, Copenhagen, Denmark, 10. August 2023

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