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Human in the Loop

An immersive artistic simulation of the societal and political challenges presented by living with AI.

Human in the Loop is an experimental online platform that enables visitors to explore and engage with various types of moral dilemmas through a hands-on immersive experience. Through the work, individuals are invited to navigate within an AI-embedded digital world where they are confronted with a myriad of cases and choices that address topics in relation to the advancing application of AI technology in the fields of sociology, education, health, economics, politics, law enforcement, among others.

Within the experience, Human in the Loop introduces individuals to the AI-infused town of Aidiri, where they are free to explore and engage many of the town’s citizens – whether they be humans or artificial. Here, they are welcomed by an average town citizen, Kaydin, who has been nominated by the Town Council to guide individuals through a series of eight distinct levels, designed to challenge individuals' perceptions of the costs and benefits of the increasing entanglement of artificial intelligence technology within our everyday lives.

Human in the Loop is powered by an evolving collaboration between the Artificial Mind Studio in Copenhagen, Denmark, Initiate: Digital Rights in Society in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and the Paris Peace Forum.

Human in the Loop

ARTificial Mind:
Cecilie Waagner Falkenstrøm, Artist
Cody Lukas, Assistant Artist
Jens Hegner Strærmose, Software Engineer
Alexander Krog, Software Engineer
Asbjørn Olling, Software Engineer

Story Development:
Adrien Abécassis, Paris Peace Forum
Jack Loveridge, Initiate: Digital Rights in Society


3D game development and webapp with embedded interactive bespoke artificial intelligence technology utilizing Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP) Transformer Models, GPT-J and Speech Synthesis (TTS).

Developed in collaboration with:

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