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The Founders

Series of 98 unique AI generated images created from space radiation collected aboard the International Space Station.

The Founders is a confrontation of how we understand ourselves as humans. As our species will undeniably be changed by its future life within the cosmos, through the artwork we entrust an Artificial Intelligence Algorithm with the task of generating the population of "human beings", who will reach these distant planets, as the future of our species.

Having been trained upon an extensive dataset of tens-of-thousands of images, the algorithm creates its own unique machine-generated view of the human body using space radiation harvested aboard NASA’s part of the International Space Station.

What patterns will the algorithm identify as quintessential to our existence? How will it address matters of sex, identity, and race, as they relate to longstanding bias within the fields of both Artificial Intelligence and Space exploration? And upon which point are the entities generated by the algorithm no longer human?

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